The Old School Farm Pottery project includes a functional pottery line created and designed by Julia Whitney Brown that is featured in several Nashville farm-to-table restaurants including The Old School Farm to Table, and 1892 Restaurant (with photographs by  fine art portraiture artist and photojournalist Anthony Scarlati.)

The 'Art' of pottery occurs during the Old School Farm Pottery project in the making; through equal and fair employment opportunities, and in the communal and vulnerable dining experience.

A noun(perhaps pottery) may not be known without an experience. Therefore, nouns are not simply objects, and terms of ownership come to question.  Head Chef's  Dylan Morrison, Kirstie Bidwell and Pastry Chef Danielle Veit create a moment beyond the potter's control when they capture a moment of beauty through the voice of our most dear commodity: food.


These moments, that are larger than the vision of each collaborator transforms into something beyond us. As artists, we must choose to embrace or deny this chemical transformation. I believe, it is not something that may not be ignored since "art'' as ''we'' know it occurs within a social collective or culture.