Influx NAshville

From 2017-2019 I had the honor of collaborating as a member of the artist collect InFlux Nashville founded by artists Audry Deal-McEver, Kelly Kessler, David Taylor, and Meghan Borland. While participating in this collective we collaborated to create two different and inclusive experiences centered around sharing pottery inspired by Social Practice methods: "Connecting Through Clay" and "Check Out Influx: Borrowing Bowls".  We had the honor of winning Most Innovative Exhibition from American Craft Week from 2015-2019 for our groundbreaking exhibitions in craft.


Our collective statement reads as:

We, InFlux, embrace a global take on ceramic arts with an emphasis on the investigation and research that are a central aspect of the creative process. We question the conventional constructs around Craft and Art and draw inspiration from interdisciplinary backgrounds. We have all been parts of art communities outside Nashville, and we are excited to bring our diverse experiences to this burgeoning art community we call home.

Our goal is to foster the creation, exhibition and propagation of a new wave of work to Nashville on par with other ceramic hotbeds around the country.

To learn more about InFlux Nashville please visit: