"Connecting Through Clay" is a unique gallery exhibition showcasing local contemporary ceramic works created and curated by Influx Nashville a local collective of artists working in clay. The exhibition opened October 7th as a part of the Wedgewood/Houston Gallery Crawl at Julia Martin Gallery. The purpose of this civic practice exhibition was to bring people together through an interactive art experience.

Taking inspiration from Social and Civic Practice Art, and a desire to acknowledge and celebrate differences, every vessel created was sold at a low cost point with clearly displayed rules explaining that, a month after the initial purchase, the vase must be given away.

The person it is given to was someone whom you would normally may not give a gift to (like a long lost friend or relative, someone with opposing religious beliefs or political views, or someone from a different socioeconomic group, racial background, or sexual orientation, etc). The new owner is asked to live with the vase for another 30 days and then pass it on to another person with the same criteria given; resulting in 3 interactions.

As an object, the vase was chosen due to it's ability to be experienced simultaniously by multiple peoples and perspectives. The entire project was documented through social media, an email survey, postcards, etc. with the hopes of showcasing what happens when we are asked to engage with someone whom we may not normally go out of our way to give a gift to.  In a climate of cultural divides, our goal is to help bring people together.