Off and on for the last 8 years I have meet with local china painting groups to learn their techniques and partake in their community. While I do create china painted works of my own, I spend most of my time in class painting along with the rest of the group. (often we work on one project all together until completion, and the paintings are usually realistic in style).

In choosing to paint along with everyone, I experience the world not as an extension of my personal desire-but as something larger. As founder of the New York School of Art, Mercedes Matter writes that, “Drawing initiates an attitude that is contrary to freedom as identified with self-indulgence or fantasy. It involves effort to reach a specific result, to make a concrete perception, a sensation, an idea.” Recording what I see in this manner, I relate to a cultivated natural world (often the themes in the paintings) in a way that acknowledges seeing and being seen as caring.